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Computers and Notebooks

We have access to most major brands of desktop PCs, notebooks, chromebooks, tablets and so on. Our goal is to find you the best products that will suit your needs based upon your requirements for use and style. Furthermore we additionally offer services that can set up, configure and transfer your existing data from a previous computer to your new (and faster) computer.

Computers can be a major hit on your wallet. One alternative to help you save money when searching for your new PC is to think about purchasing one of our refurbished computer. There are numerous advantages and benefits to purchasing a refurbished computer. Beneath we will show you a few points that you ought to consider whether or not you should go ahead and buy a refurbished computer.


Many of our refurbished PCs are just clients returning their computer. Most times, there was actually nothing wrong with them to begin with. The client might just not have liked the computer, so they returned it within its warranty period. In these cases, we can’t sell these computers as previously owned because they were opened by the customer.

Other sources of our refurbished PCs are corporate ex-lease PCs. Large business firms like to hire hundreds of computers at a time for several years. Once their lease has expired they go back to the hire agency and are resold. As you can see, these computers have nothing wrong with them, they are just cleaned and resold due to their lease having been expired. Unlike most other computers that have a 1 year warranty, these computers originally had a 3 year warranty. A rule of thumb when buying a computer, if the manufacture is willing to provide a 3+ year warranty, it means they are confident enough in their product that isn’t expected to break for several years later.

Sticker price

We as a company cannot sell any computer as new if they aren’t 100% new. When a customer returns a computer or has its lease expired, this requires us to sell the computer at a reduced cost from its previous new model. You as the consumer can benefit from a lower price.


Depending on the model and type of PC we are selling, all PCs have some form of warranty. Just contact us today and ask us about our warranties