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Liquid Damage

Have you spilled your coffee or other liquid on your phone or tablet? Try not to worry!

We can repair most phone or tablet that have had liquid spilt on them, regardless of which make or model of notebook including Samsung, HTC, Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Huawei and Sony.

If this happens, take these steps:

  • Turn the phone or tablet off. Immediately remove the battery. If the liquid touches the circuits on the Phone or Tablet, then it will short out.
  • Turn it upside down immediately. The liquid will stop going deeper into the Phone or Tablet.
  • Clean the spilled liquid. Use a lint-free paper towel or cloth to clean
  • Try not to attempt and power up the Phone or Tablet again - this could bring on additional issues. Additionally, contingent upon what it is you spilled, simply permitting it to dry isn't sufficient as coffee or juice can leave sticky build ups.
  • Contact a IT@Hand technician today.

Recovering your Phone or Tablet

If you carry out the steps outlined above and sent it to IT@Hand, the technician can normally clean out the Phone or Tablet components and make them work again without having to replace any parts.

For situations that something needs parts replaced, rest assured your phone or tablet is in the best of hands - we'll fix your phone or tablet promptly and have it back to you as fast as possible.

Get in touch with us today.