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Mobile Signal Booster

Here at IT@Hand, we have the solutions and tools to bring you the very best when it comes to boosting your mobile coverage! We use Cel-Fi products, as these are the ONLY approved devices for boosting in New Zealand.

Improves the following;

- Provides coverage for indoor & outdoor, buildings & vehicle applications

- Increases mobile data speeds

- Extends mobile phone battery life

- Eliminates dropped or missed calls

- Improves voice quality


Below we have some more information about the questions in the Form.


As the boosters work only on one carrier, if the location has people with mobile phones connected to different carriers then more than one booster needs to be installed.

Please select the telco company that you are connecting the phone to. (the one who provides you with the invoice and not just looking at the 021,027,022 etc prefix to work out who the provider is)


As there are limitation to the coverage we can provide it is important to understand how large the area is that you want coverage for

Please describe what facilities/areas/ floors need covering.

We can also direct the coverage to an area. So for instance if you have coverage on a hill, then we can direct from this hill to a building in a valley that needs boosting.

Other information:

If the detail provided shows that this can be installed without an external antenna then we can supply the hardware after approval and payment to you for self-installation.

In the case of the installation requiring an external antenna then we recommend the installation be done for you to get the best results.

We can provide you with a quote for this installation based on the detail provided. In some cases we prefer to do a site survey first to work out with our test equipment to show what you can actually get for improvement. During this visit we also look at the install options like appropriate antenna selection, cable runs, mounting options etc.

Mobile Booster Form

* required

Please fill out the following form, so we can process the best solution available for you. You will receive a free, no obligation quote based on this information. If we need more detail we will contact you using the detail you provide.

Spark (027)
Vodafone (021)
2Degrees (022)
Skinny (020)
Telstra Clear (029)

Typical 3 Bedroom Home
Large Multi-Story Home
Small Vehicles (Cars, Trades/ Delivery vans, 4x4)
Large Vehicles (Trucks, Buses, Caravans, Trades vehicles)
Small Marine Vessel (Ferry, Yacht, Fishing boats)
Large Marine Vessels (Ships)
Portacom/ Container
Office building
Rural buildings/ Farms
Remote village
Remote street
Building down a valley


Dropped/ Missed calls
Bad call quality
Intermittent coverage/ service
No internet connection via Data
Slow internet speed
Slow to receive and send text messages
Health and Safety requirements
Need to be contactable for work (on call)